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Recent Changes

* In this thread I'll be listing the recent changes that have been made to the rules,forums etc. 
* Please take your time to read it as I am making this so it's much easier for you instead of just making a thread that everyone must read the rules again because of the changes.

Building Rules:
No labyrinth bases longer than 10 seconds // Nerfed from 20 seconds
Have a building sign when building after that put a KoS sign. (Note the reasons, "All reasons" is invalid) // Added "All reasons" invalid part.
You're not allowed to place cameras in other people's bases. // NEW RULE
No jumping bases. // NEW RULE

Advert and Cooldown Rules:
Raid - Cooldown: 10 mins - Same Base: 20mins // Lowered cooldown from 15 minutes to 10, and same base from 30 minutes to 20 minutes.
PD Raid - Cooldown: 20 mins // Lowered from 30 minutes to 20 minutes.

Job Rules:
Engineer // ADDED
  • You can't do Mugs / Raids / Carjack, etc.
  • You can own a building and make it your shop.
  • You can have printers and bitminers.
  • You can't self-supply.

  • You ask for the good love.
  • You can charge between 15k and 50k. // Can now charge up to 50k from 20k.
  • Citizen Rules.

[VIP] Harry Potter
  • You use spells to protect whomever you want.
  • You cannot Raid / Mug / Kidnap.
  • You can have a base. // ADDED.
  • You can have printers and bitminers. // ADDED.
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