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Discord Rules
The following rules MUST be followed in Discord

Don't go straight to a community manager / co-owner for help. Message a lower rank first. If the problem is specifically bad like someone threatens to DDoS you, another player or the server. Check if any staff are online, if not take photos or videos as evidence and show it to the staff on discord when they're online.

Please use the bot chats if you wanna use the bots {There can be inappropriate things in the bot chats}.

Don't Constantly spam help in help chat. Staff will respond, please give them a second in case they are doing something else. 

Don't upload scam websites or shady installs. 

Don't Post Links. This Doesn’t include memes in meme chat.

Don't Post porn / graphical content in any other chat Except NSFW.

Don’t Post Discord invites

Don't Advertise.

Don't Spam.

Don’t Be Sexist.

Don’t Be Racist.

Don’t pretend to be staff.

Don't disrespect staff members they work hard to make your experience great.

Don’t claim a role that you don’t have in-game.

Respect All Players.

Don’t Threaten Someone.

Do not argue in chat over personal reasons. 

If you are a mod do not mute for personal reasons.

Use common sense.

Failure to follow these rules will lead to a kick or ban depending on the violation.
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