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Petr Purkr Admin abused me and now im banned for 5 days
Your in-game name?: O João é Bixa

What is your Steam Profile?:

Why should you be unbanned?: The admin that banned me was abusing i blew up some people that where invading my base then the abuser Petr Purkr decided to abuse and ban me for "Mass RDM and Lying to staff" what i personally think it should be called "Staff Lying" so there was like 5 guys that found out our code and where opening the doors so i got sick of it and blew them all up since there was written "KOS FOR ALL REASONS ~BUILDING" on the sign so opening the doors of our base is a reason to kill them because the mr special kid thinks that KOS is something like "Raid us and we will hug you" or something.

Screenshot of ban: 

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Isnt allowed, if you read the rules u should know this
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again i dont want to talk to you i want to talk with someone that knows how to think and didnt fail 4rt grade on school 3 times and then gave up on school
Well i didnt not fail 4rt grade school 3 times and never gave up on school!
by the looks of it u did fail english class multiple times and gave up on that Smile

Ur friendly friend Petr Purkr
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First off tell Yeeters to fuck off and that im trying to make this server safe to other players that might enter on the future that is my cause

Second mr admin abuser i still dont understand your motives for banning me and i really dont care you dont deserve my atencion anymore im not wasting my time on sad people like you.
and as you can see English isnt my main language so basically you insulted me on the other post i made and i dont think an admin should insult a player like that, my friends and i are leaving this server and probably never comming back... enjoy being on the bottom of the search list

just to end this conversation i wish you to die the most painfull death starting with your family and then ending with someone torturing you untill your death keeping you alive so you can suffer everyday, every hour, every second. an non stop pain emotially and fisically untill you die burning on the deepts of hell

enjoy the rest of your sad life living on your mothers basement at age 40
no foul language on these sacred forums
Well. im not here to roast u but if you want some u can get some.
First of all your quote about "Living on your monthers basemate at age 40"

U cant live On a basement, only in.
Second of all its Mother Not monther

And with a face like that, flexing at what i can only assume is a fake jewerly store. u will never be able to get a girl in your existence and will probably live in the basement of your mothers home at at 60

Your friendly friend
Petr purkr

and im not even going to mention all those other spelling mistakes u made because u dropped out of english class ^
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nice eyebrows
(07-31-2018, 11:01 PM)[UB] Yeeters Wrote: nice eyebrows

Eyebrows? damn those are some worms
[Image: 76561198304903312.png][Image: AddFriend.png]
that is not me its a duchebag called MotaJr

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