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Unban request Gopnik man
Your in-game name?:Gopnik Man

What is your Steam Profile?:

Why should you be unbanned?:I was attempting to be with my friend as we were searching ways to crash the server (stromic encourages this so he can patch them) so we had been discussing ways in a discord, eventually he was pulled to talk to stromic so tried to approach the sit to talk with them about it. as stromic was afk my friend(david duke) and I were fucking with eachother casually and killing eachother we thought as we were talking to afk admins at the time nlr would not come into effect but i was banned for breaking nlr.+ I was also banned for NITRP despite having over 30 hours on this server and proving that i have every intention to rp, I just wanted to help with patching the server from potential server crashing exploits. lastly I was banned for hacking, where is the evidence of this? I've seen this servers anti hack and I've seen its effectiveness thus it would have flagged me as a hacker, yet I've been banned under hacking despite no evidence proving I was hacking or even saying what type of hacking i had been using.
I would like to finish by saying that im sorry for repeatedly breaking nlr I hope you can see this and potentially reduce my punishment. Ive seen people mass rdming and rda'ing with 0 inention to rp get 5 days, but I can be permabanned for breaking nlr, "not listening to an admin" and a flase report of hacking.
I've been on this server long enough as a normal player with only 1 warn and have rp'ed for over 30 hours, is this not proof enough that I have the upmost inention of being a regular player and at least helping around with potential patches?.
Thank you for reading this

Screenshot of ban:
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Due to insufficient evidence, and no evidence giving by the banning admin.
u have 30hrs on the server so nitrp would be a wierd thing to happen, the nlr also doesnt count as u were helping stromic.
~ Peter
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