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Kidnapper baton.
Are you sure that it is a bug?: Yes.

Do you have any screenshots/video?: No. But im pretty sure you can go ingame and try it.

Is it harmful to the server?: It isnt to the server, but to the people that like to play kidnapper.

As someone who likes to play kidnapper, this can be one of the most infuriating things to happen. As the baton wont swing, you can lose a few costly things (guns) just cause the baton is broken.
U can only use the baton if you are standing behind the person u are trying to kidnap and aim at the back of their head.
[Image: 76561198304903312.png][Image: AddFriend.png]
Kidnap system has been re-created, fixed now.
[Image: 19r37o.jpg]

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