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Josh's Staff app
Ingame name: 9FX Josh

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:158261158

Profile link:

Age (14+): 14

Country: England

Languages you speak: English

Timezone: GMT

Rate your English (1-10): 10

What is your total playtime on our server? (10 Hours Minimum): 3+

Have you been banned before on our server?: No

Do you have a microphone?: Yes

Amount of warns: 0

Do you understand ULX commands? (Give examples): Yes. 

Do you have experience with logs?: Yes

Do you have past experience as a staff member? (Give server names): Yes however they have all shutdown and these were a while ago

A player asks "where are the rules or how do I get to them?" What would you do? (Include commands) I would say "To get to the rules you can always do !rules to check them out!"

If you contact the Owners/CM or any other staff member on the server/forums/steam about looking at your app it will get instantly declined do you understand that?: Yes

Do you understand that abusing your rights as staff will end up in you getting demoted and possibly banned?: Yes

Roleplay Related

Someone reports another player of breaking a rule and you bring both of the players to the sit and the suspected rule breaker kills you and the victim. What do you do?: I would !jailtp (player) then I would ask him why he did that and ask if he know what he did wrong. Then I would ask the player what the rule breaker did and if needs be I would check the logs. After I would warn for RDM and return him. Or maybe I would ban him for trolling, 3 days.

Someone reports another player of self-supplying what will you do?: I would teleport to the "self suppler" and ask if he know what he is doing. I would then hear him out and let him off with a verbal. If he continues then I proceed with a warn.

Someone reports another player accusing him of RDM what will you do?: I take them to a sit and listen to both sides of the story. Then I would check the logs for RDM. If RDM is shown I would then give him/her a verbal and say one more time then he gets warned.

Player A mugged player B and killed him as the player B didn't have enough money after that player B went to a hitman and requested a hit on player A for reason: got mugged. (What rule did player B break?: FailRP as player B is remembering his past life.

Player B reported player A for attempted RDM and while you're in the sit with both players, player A accused player B of damaging him first what will you do?: I check the damage logs, whoever damaged the other first gets a verbal however if it is player a I would warn him for lying to staff/ARDM.

You see another member of staff abusing their powers (Nocliping for no reason, Changing their hp during a raid, Physguninng players for no reason) what will you do?: I would Instant replay that and report it to a higher up.

A player MassRDM's (What will you do?): I would ban for 1 week for MRDM.

A player MassRDA's (What will you do?): I would ban for 1 week for MRDA

What is NLR? (Give an example scenario): NLR stands for New Life Rule and this is when a player returns right to there death place. Player A dies to Player B in a raid. Player A then comes back and kills player B.

What is RDM? (and give an example scenario): RDM is when you kill a player without a valid reason. Player B kills Player A while Player is is walking down the street.

What is Meta-Gaming? (and give an example scenario): Meta-Gaming is using your knowledge of OOC or death to use in game. Player A saw there friend die to player B so he fiends Player B to kill him.

Main Questions

Why do you want to be a staff member on Sentinel Servers and what will you provide?: I want to be staff so I can help the server with any rule breakers. I will provide a happy environment so all the players can roleplay in peace without any one with NITRP.

Why should we choose you?: You should choose me as I am mature and I am good with dealing with problems. As well as this I am able to make everyone happier as I can be funny but serious when times are to come.

Extra Notes we should know?:  Nothing really.
Good app but we haven't seen you since you posted the app therefore this is

[Image: lvgK5wH.png]

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