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Co Owner, Admin abusing
Staff member's username and SteamID:ZuperTroll,Fundus.

Their offence:ZuperTroll was abusing with the physics gun by picking up me without a reason,Fundus So he was a kidnapper he kidnapped me in spawn without adverting and tried to trap me in a cage without rp.

Screenshot/video of abuse?:Nope u can ask them.
I am not able to do anything to lack of evidence to support this claim, sorry for this inconvenience but with no evidence comes no reactions to this, if possible and if it does happen to occur again please take screenshots or video evidence, but for the time being this claim has to back up to it and thus i must deny this claim, please hold no grudges against anyone as we are trying out best.

Your sincerely CM>>Tony
[Image: xZNsjEk.gif]

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