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My Sugggestions
* What is/are your suggestions?: To create a ulx advert saying "use"@" in front of your message if you wish to seek help from an admin"
 or something along those lines 

* How would it help the server?: would help get more people to actually use the admin chat for help rather than asking in ooc and especially helpful for new players that do not know about ooc.

Any Issues that it might cause?:


[b] What is/are your suggestions?: That the rules and any commands they may need to use are put in the description of the job in the f4 also information regarding  what weapons/items they get for being that job aswell

* How would it help the server?:This would make it easier for new players to navigate the rules and would also ensure that all jobs have a set of rules with them since at the moment so it is unclear about what some jobs can and cant do.

Any Issues that it might cause?: would make the descriptions really large and long but i don't think it has any effect on the performance on the f4 menu as it can handle it
- This has been added to the server.

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