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Michel2JZ's Staff Application
Ingame name: Michel2JZ
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:34590247
Profile link:

Age (14+): 22

Country: Netherlands
Languages you speak: Dutch, English, German (little bit) Yes
Timezone: GMT+1 
Rate your English (1-10): 8

What is your total playtime on our server? (10 Hours Minimum): 49 hours
Have you been banned before on our server?: No
Do you have a microphone?: Yes
Amount of warns: 1 warning (should be removed soon, Stromic knows about this)

Do you understand ULX commands? (Give examples): !menu to open up the admin panel, !goto to get to a player that is for example in need of help, !bring players to a sit that you have taken. Above examples can also be used in the !menu under -> players name.

Do you have experience with logs?: Yes

Do you have past experience as a staff member? (Give server names): WZ Deathrun, Ray's DarkRP Server

A player asks "where are the rules or how do I get to them?" What would you do? (Include commands) !goto the player, explaining him that he can use !rules in the chat. He will then be forwarded to a link on where the rules are listed. If the desired person has any further questions i may help them out. 

If you contact the Owners/CM or any other staff member on the server/forums/steam about looking at your app it will get instantly declined do you understand that?: Yes

Do you understand that abusing your rights as staff will end up in you getting demoted and possibly banned?: Yes

Roleplay Related

Someone reports another player of breaking a rule and you bring both of the players to the sit and the suspected rule breaker kills you and the victim. What do you do?: !bring back both players, and !jail the suspected rule breaker. After that i would try to continue where we were and finish the sit, so i could return the victim to his roleplay-experience. When he's back i would continue to talk to the then known rule breaker and ask why he/she killed the player in the sit. After that i would warn the player, that if they continue to do so or break any other rule it would have consequences . 

Someone reports another player of self-supplying what will you do?: Bring both people to the sit and have them wait for me to check the logs. If the person that was reported was indeed self-supplying i would !return the other give an appropriate punishment to the rule-breaker. 

Someone reports another player accusing him of RDM what will you do?: Bring both people to the sit, and have them wait for me to check the logs. If it is clear that it was RDM i would punish the player that was reported. If not clear i would ask both people politely to be honest to eachother and maybe figure it out, if not i would have to keep an eye on both of them if certain things continued to happen. This makes it a greater experience for everyone Smile

Player A mugged player B and killed him as the player B didn't have enough money after that player B went to a hitman and requested a hit on player A for reason: got mugged. (What rule did player B break?: New life rule since the player could not now that he was killed by that person (NLR). 

Player B reported player A for attempted RDM and while you're in the sit with both players, player A accused player B of damaging him first what will you do?: Check the logs and see if there is any clear evidence, as mentioned before i would politely ask both people to stay cool and enjoy theyre time being on the server. 

You see another member of staff abusing their powers (Nocliping for no reason, Changing their hp during a raid, Physguninng players for no reason) what will you do?: Try and gather evidence against them, in the meantime i would try to stop them by asking / talking to them. 

A player MassRDM's (What will you do?): !jail the player, follow the staff rules and ban the player for 5 days. 

A player MassRDA's (What will you do?): !jail the player, follow the staff rules and ban the player for 5 days. 

What is NLR? (Give an example scenario): When player A kills player B while in a mug, and player B returns to the exact location to see if player A is still there and take actions on them. 

What is RDM? (and give an example scenario): When player A randomly walks up to player B and starts spraying him down. 

What is Meta-Gaming? (and give an example scenario): Not knowing info through any roleplay related action. Such as player A announces something in /ooc like "I have 5 printers inside my base come raid me" - And player B that is a cop comes knocking on your door telling you to open up because you have printers inside.  

Main Questions

Why do you want to be a staff member on Hellstorm Networks and what will you provide?: Simply because i like this server a lot, the people are awesome and fun to play with. I would love to help this server and do my best to maintain such a great community. 

Why should we choose you?: I think i can be a great staff member in helping out the server and community. I would like to do as many things possible to keep everything running, stay in good contact with the players and staff team and enjoy everything that has to do with the interaction of people.
I have past experience as a moderator/admin on different servers, so i think i will easily settle in on the staff team. The current staff team is great and i can get around with everyone very well.  

Extra Notes we should know?: Nothing special, my real name is Michel and i work as a Network Engineer IRL Smile 
- Well written application, seems to be active enough to take on the responsibility of being a staff member!

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