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In-Game Rules
Basic Rules
You’re not allowed to Random Deathmatch (RDM)
Example: Shooting other players because they have guns, killing everyone inside a gunshop, etc

You’re not allowed to FailRP
Situations should be handled in the way you would handle it in real life.

You’re not allowed to break New Life Rule (NLR)
Once you die you cannot recall what happened from your previous life.

You’re not allowed to disrespect players regardless of rank
Example: Racism, Insults, bully, etc.

You’re not allowed to give any threats
Example: DDoS, Doxing, etc.

You’re not allowed to minge/troll!
Example: Targeting a player without valid RP reason, trying to annoy other players, etc.

You’re not allowed to bend rules in any way!
Example: Using one prop as one “fading door” that has to be cracked more than once, etc.

Use common sense!
Example: Staying in an admin sit, even though you want them to be done, etc

Building Rules
To own a house/base you must buy a lockable front door. Else it is considered basing in the street which only Hobos can do.
You’re only allowed to build on the streets as a hobo, if you don't own the front door it is classified as building on the street.
You're allowed to have 3 fading doors maximum.
You’re allowed to have 1 base/house maximum.
Keypads must be visible.
You are allowed to build a mega base if you are more than 5 players.

Don't do any of the following:
Crouchbases, Jumping Bases, Black material bases, Labyrinth bases longer than 10 seconds and Hidden Rooms.
If you are in doubt and it gives you an unfair advantage, it is not allowed.

Hobo specific rules:
You’re allowed to build in the streets.
You’re allowed and encouraged to use “Tube2x2” props to build a hamster like system of connecting tubes above the streets.
You’re not allowed to build inside a house

Sign Rules:
You’re not allowed to partake in RP if you have a Building sign. You can't place hits on players who are building. Do not abuse building sign to hide from hits. You can not have any entities, meaning printers, guns, armor or health regenerators  etc. are not allowed.
You’re allowed to have a Kill on sight (KOS) sign if you want to kill players who enter your base. Your kos area can only extend to the sidewalk of your building and should have clear instructions.
You’re allowed to make rules for the KOS. Example (Inside a gun store) KOS if not buying guns.

Prop Rules
You’re not allowed to propminge (propblock, propspam, propsurf, propclimb)
You’re allowed to have one way props.
You’re not allowed to one way prop shoot.
You’re not allowed to place props inside other players property.

Kidnap Rules
You may maximum demand a ransom of $50,000.
You must wait 15 minutes between each kidnapping, 30 minutes for the same player.
You’re allowed to keep the kidnapped person for 10 minutes.
You’re not allowed to kidnap staff on duty.

Raid Rules
You’re not allowed to build or edit your base during a raid.
You’re not allowed to leave the server or destroy your printers during a raid.
You’re not allowed to stay in the base for over 15 minutes.
You must wait 10 minutes between advertising over and starting a new raid.
You are allowed to kill anyone near if you include it in the advert. Example: [ADVERT] Raiding this mofo KOS near.

Mug Rules
You’re allowed to mug for maximum $10,000.
You’re not allowed to mug hobos
You must give at least a 10 second grace period for the victim to drop money or run away.
You must wait 10 minutes between each mugging, 20 minutes for the same player.
You’re not allowed to mug a player that is moving.
You’re not allowed to tell a player they can’t freelook.

Reporting to police
If you see anyone breaking the law, you are encouraged to report it to the police.
Example: You see someone raiding and stealing money printers so you report it to the SWAT/Police/Mayor. Law enforcement are required to respond to all reports.

Adverts & Cooldowns
You must advert before doing any of the following:

Cooldown: 10 mins
Same Base: 20mins.
You can only stay in their base for 15 mins to use their printers or take their guns etc.

Cooldown: 10 mins
Same Person: 20 mins.

Bank Raid
Cooldown: 35 mins.

Cooldown: 45 mins
Only the Terrorist leader can advert it.

PD Raid
Cooldown: 20 mins
Only the Terrorist and Mafia leader can advert this.

Cooldown: 15 mins
Same person: 30 mins

Cooldown 5 minutes
No cooldown on countering terrorist attacks.

Cooldown: 5 mins
If you died during a raid you have to wait until the raid is finished to return.

Counter Rules
All jobs except the citizens, not including the guard are allowed to counter
You must advert before countering
You’re not required to advert counter on terrorist attacks.
You must wait 5 minutes before you can counter again.

Job Rules
You’re not allowed to abuse your job abilities to your advantage.
Example: Becoming gun dealer to buy guns for yourself to then change job again, etc

These jobs are allowed to raid & mug
Ricardo Milos
Pro Thief
Mafia Leader
Mafia Member (Only if leader adverts)
Terrorist Leader
Terrorist Member (Only if leader adverts)
Reverse flash
Hacker (Only if hired)
Hitman (Only for hits)
Custom jobs

These jobs are allowed to Mug
Drug cook

Everyone is allowed to print money
Police and SWAT can print if they are corrupt

Specific job rules
Mafia are not allowed to base with terrorists or vise versa.
DJ, pianist and all hobo jobs can build in the streets.
Police and SWAT can be corrupt if allowed by admin or higher.
Law Enforcement are not allowed to base
Only SWAT are allowed to respond to bank raids.
SWAT are allowed to raid if they suspect money printers or other lawbreaking.
Police and SWAT may build a control point to regulate crime if allowed by admin or higher.
Hitmen must have a valid reason on hits before accepting them.
Gun Dealers are allowed to buy one gun from themself for self defense.
If you do not have hands you are not allowed to carry any firearms unless they are perma-weapons or job weapons.

Basic laws
Having guns out in public is legal if you have a gun license.
Selling guns is legal.
Firing in public is illegal, unless for self-defence.
Kidnapping people is illegal.
Printing money is illegal.
Mugging is illegal.
Harassing peoples properties is illegal.
Assaulting people is illegal.

We would like to keep the server as clean and safe as possible therefore we offer rewards to players that find exploits/bugs or glitches.

If you would like to search for exploits please contact the higher ups for access before doing so.

Higher ups’ contact:
Stromic |

Basic Commands
Use // or /OOC to talk out of character. Example: /OOC afk for 5 minutes, don't raid me Wink
Use @ to contact the staff. Example: @ someone rda’ed me
Use /advert to advert when you’re doing something see Advert rules for more info. Example: /advert raid Hands up pants down.
Use !party to open the party menu where you can make or join a party.
Use /pm to private message someone. For example: /pm stromic hey can i buy a gun?
Use !commands to get a list of useful commands.
Use F1 to customise the UI
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