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[Important] Recent Changes
First Announcement

* There has been some changes to the staff team, and everything has been reorganized (except for Stromic and ZuperTroll) 
I would like to introduce the following team as of now: 

- Michel2JZ > Server Manager
- Middle Flat > Head of Staff
- Yooter > Admin
Göjjän > Trial Moderator (currently on a LOA)

This means we are still looking for people that can help out our current staff teamSmile 

Changes / Updates on the DarkRP server

* Custom Farming System
* Custom Hitman System
* Custom Kidnapping System
* Custom Mayor Voting System
* Custom Inventory System (can now be found under the F4 Menu)
* New models (Pickaxe and Hatchet)
* Removed the Health and Armor recharger under the F4 Menu (can now be found in spawn) 

Upcoming updates

- Custom Staff On Duty Models
- Custom Q Menu (this means that the current GMOD overlay will be completely replaced
- Custom printers 

Last Announcement

* We are currently discussing the economy on the server. Since we are reworking the printers and farming systems, we think that a stat-reset is necessary.
Now for those who have grinded a lot already and have obtained a nice level and ammount of money, there will be a refund!
For now nothing is a 100% sure, and we are still discussing. An update about this will be made soon, if there are any questions in the meantime you can ask a Staff Member. 
[Image: 19r37o.jpg]

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