Minato's Staff Application
Profile Information and Usernames

Steam name: Minato

SteamID(STEAM_0:0:00000000): STEAM_0:0:437224349

In-game name: Mina

Steam profile URL: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Cass174_/

What is your discord tag(Middle Flat#8526): Mina#1111


Are you in our discord server: I am

Do you have a microphone and are willing to use it: I do and i will use it

Are you able to consistently meet the requirements of time played a week: yes I am

Have you read the important documents here , here and here: I have read all of them

What is your current playtime on our server(2 days+): 2d 1hr from me writing this. Will be way more soon.

How long have you been a member of the community(in the discord for 2 weeks+): I have been a member in this community and been staff before since the server started development. Ive been here a while but left and had to join back.

How available are you to play each day (not at all, all day, night, etc.):
Monday: Night
Tuesday: Day and Night
Wednesday: Day and Night (May Vary)
Thursday: Night
Friday: Day
Saturday: Night
Sunday: Night

Have you ever been banned from our server: Never, and i hope i never do

How many warnings have you received(all warnings must be declared): I have never been warned before. I hope to keep that streak!

If applicable fill this out: Warning Admin Reason Date N/A

About you

Tell us about yourself (short paragraph): Hello and my nickname is Mina. I'm from Ireland and i love playing with friends on games especially Garry's Mod. I also love drawing and watching anime. I would love to become staff on HellStorm again and help the community grow and help everyone with anything they need. I also know about all the custom stuff on the server whic new players might not know of and i could help them understand etc. I like helping people out and ive talked to stromic about becomig staff for a while and ive finally got the playtime. I also love cats and i have one myself. I love making people fell happy, loved and cared for Heart . I would love to do that on HellStorm to make the community grow and make sure it is not toxic Smile

How old are you: 14 and im mature

What country do you come from: Ireland (NI)

What is your time zone (GMT +0:00): GMT +0:00

What languages do you speak: I speak English and a bit of German (Not Much Though)

Is English your first language: Yes it is Smile

Rate your English (1-10): 8-9

Do you go to school/work etc: I go to school every week day from 7am-5pm but will be on alot as it is summer now and even when i go back to school i will be on when i come home Smile

Why do you want to join our team I would like to join the staff team as ive seen the staff members in action and i would love to help them out at what there doing and maybe bring something new to the table Smile I would love to interact with them alot more and work with them to help the community grow and to punish minges and rule breakers. I love what the staff are doing and i want to be apart of it and become a better person from it and be more helpful for the community.

Why should we pick you: There are a few reasons why i think i should be picked for staff. No.1 Im very active now and i can be on very late. I can make sure the rules are followed even when its 12am and make sure anybody that needs help gets it. No. 2 I could bring alot of suggestions to the table for the staff team to make it run smoother. No.3 I know the rules well and i have had expirence with ULX commands and with handling difficult situations and help out with everything in my powner Smile

Have you ever been a member of staff on any of our servers: I have but was demoted for inactivity. I promise from now on to be on alot lot more and help staff and players when they need assistance and to help with anything else!

Do you have any experience as a staff member(give server name and rank): I have been staff on 2 servers before, including HellStorm and the other is Naxal Networks. I resigned twice as i was very bored and i got demoted for inactivity on HellStorm but as i said i will be more active now and thats a promise!

Anything else we should know: Well right now my Granny is very sick so i might have to suddenly leave but it shouldnt be a problem and i will attend staff meetings aswell!! Thanks For Reading! Heart Heart Heart Heart

Unfortunately this application has been:


Feel free to contact me to receive feedback.
Middle Flat#8526
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