Recent Changes 2.0
Changes / Updates on the DarkRP server

* Farmed materials will now take a slot in your inventory 
* Reworked the guns that are crafted with materials, balanced now
* Custom staff model
* Custom printers model
Staff can now "use" on a player to warn them while for example in a sit

Upcoming updates

- Reworking the token store (prices, items & more)
Custom Q Menu (this means that the current GMOD overlay will be completely replaced
- All accepted suggestions: Pangolin, Maister Dansan, Burner, BradCherry - You will be notified by Stromic as explained in the post
- Second server  Angel

Last Announcement

As everyone knows by now, the servers economy has been reset two weeks ago and everyone started from scratch. In those two weeks the player base has grown massively and we've  got really populated!
I would personally want to thank everyone on the staff team for having faith in the server, working really hard to do so to get to what we've just became, a great community! Also everyone who has joined us and stayed with us, many thanks to all of you. We couldn't have done it without you.

Last but not least i would like to give big credits to the one and only Stromic who has been with us for all of the above. Stromic has (and still is) very busy with everything that has to do with the server, but it all worked out so well and it couldn't be better! Thank you for all of your time, lessons, and laughs. 

This is all for now, let's make the best out of it with everyone Big Grin
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