Jake's Staff Application
Profile Information and Usernames
Steam name: [C3] JakeSolence


In-game name: JakeSolence

Steam profile URL: https://steamcommunity.com/id/JakeSolence/

What is your discord tag(Middle Flat#8526): JakeSolence#2612

Are you in our discord server?: No.

Do you have a microphone and are willing to use it: Not currently but I am getting one.

Are you able to consistently meet requirements of time played a week: Yes.

Have you read the important documents here , here and here: Yes.

What is your current playtime on our server(2 days+): 17 minutes.

How long have you been a member of the community(in the discord for 2 weeks+): Not in the discord.

How available are you to play each day(not at all, all day, night etc.):
Monday: Not available
Tuesday: 5 hours.
Wednesday: 5 hours.
Thursday: 5 hours.
Friday: 8 hours       
Saturday: 12 hours
Sunday: 12 hours

Have you ever been banned from our server: No.

How many warnings have you received(all warnings must be declared): None.

If applicable fill this out: Warning Admin Reason Date

<name> <reason> <date>

About you
Tell us about yourself(short paragraph): I am a well experienced person with darkrp staffing, I have been staff on about 7 servers, as high ranks such as Staff manager and HoS, I will be off monday's due to Australian Airforce cadets, its to help me join the Airforce when I am older.

How old are you: 14

What country do you come from: Australia

What is your time zone (GMT +0:00): UTC+10:00

What languages do you speak: English, Irish, Spanish, Scottish, German.

Is English your first language: Yes

Rate your English (1-10): 10

Do you goto school/work etc: Yes.

Why do you want to join our team: Because I wish to help people who are in need of a staff member cause they had somebody break the rules.

Why should we pick you: I am experienced as a staff manager, head admin, head of staff, super admin, Sr. Admin, Head moderator and a Sr. Mod.

Have you ever been a member of staff on any of our servers: No.
Do you have any experience as a staff member(give server name and rank):
Professional Gaming, Head of Staff, Abusive co-owner and owner.                                      
No Cancer RP, Sr. Moderator, Retired.
Oculus gaming, Head Moderator, Retired
Play Free RP, Sr. Admin,super admin, Retired
Retribution RP, Staff manager, Retired

Anything else we should know: No.
Unfortunately this application has been:


Feel free to contact me to receive feedback.
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