staff application
Steam name: unknown

SteamID(STEAM_0:0:00000000):i could not find it...

In-game name:unkownYT

Steam profile URL:

What is your discord tag(Middle Flat#8526):loopster500098


Are you in our discord server?:no 

Do you have a microphone and are willing to use it: i dont have a microphone...

Are you able to consistently meet requirements of time played a week: ill try as hard as I possibly can.

Have you read the important documents here , here and here: yes of corse!

What is your current playtime on our server(1 days+):2ish days

How long have you been a member of the community(in the discord for 2 weeks+): im not a discord member

How available are you to play each day(not at all, all day, night etc.):
Monday:3.30pm 8:30pm
Tuesday:3.30pm 8:30pm
Wednesday:3.30pm 8:30pm
Thursday:3.30pm 8:30pm
Friday:7am to 9 or 10pm
Saturday:7am to 9 or 10pm
Sunday:7am to 9 or 10pm

Have you ever been banned from our server: no

How many warnings have you received(all warnings must be declared):1

If applicable fill this out: Warning Admin Reason Date

<name> <reason> <date>

About you
Tell us about yourself(short paragraph):

How old are you:11 very close to 12

What country do you come from: Spain

What is your time zone (GMT +0:00):im not sure

What languages do you speak: English (not so good Spanish) 

Is English your first language: yes

Rate your English (1-10): 9.5
Do you goto school/work etc: yes

Why do you want to join our team: because I've always been inspired by to become an admin   

Why should we pick you: because I would always try to get the job  done and also help those in need on 

Have you ever been a member of staff on any of our servers: no 
Do you have any experience as a staff member(give server name and rank): no 
<server name> <rank> <reason for leaving>

Anything else we should know: no
this application has been: 

For more info send a MSG to Taken#9424 on discord
[Image: lvgK5wH.png]

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