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Staff Rules
Staff Rules:

General guidelines:

Keep an active level of activity on all platforms. (Forums, discord etc...)

Don't use your commands on other staff members (Take screenshots and they will receive a strike)

If you're the only staff member online and you need help and/or leaving - you need to warn other staff of this in the discord and stick around for as long as you can until All communication/questions go to the staff management team, so you'd contact an Admin > SuperAdmin > Co-Owner and so on in that order

Only accept cases through the claims system - simply inform people of this if they're asking in OOC for example

You are allowed to refund money/weapons or anything in any situation, other staff may be able by using the command !refund and click on the number one ( Make sure they are not where they died in their NLR zone or it will not work)

Don't handle your own sits (unless they’re mass breaking rules/no one else can help)

Only warn/punish players for the paraphrased rule, for instance, "Random Death Match in spawn" -> "RDM" someone else can cover for you. (Only if there are 5+ people on)

If there is an open claim you must take it or ensure that someone else does. You may not ignore it!


Soon you will notice “cases” popping up at the top left of your screen - you may not ignore a claim, everyone helps out here!
Press "Claim Case" after that you press “goto” and bring them to a roof

Take cases in the order they come in

Always ask the victim if they want to forgive the rules breaker and if they want to have a sit. If they were killed multiple times and the victim wants to forgive warn the rule breaker anyway and do not ask if they want to forgive as they should know not to kill people.

Take the claimant to an excluded area (Example: The box in Admin Land)

Ask them what occurred, always check the logs to confirm this before you bring the potential culprit - make sure to copy and paste the log
(bring them if they're not in a roleplay situation)

Repeat the victim's story back to the culprit, don't assume they've done anything, simply ask if this is what occurred and what their side of the story is.
For example: Why did you RDM so and so? - this would be wrong. It would be Why did you kill so and so?

If needed, let the victim and culprit argue/barter until the point they're going over the same things let them speak at one time and don't let the player interrupt the other player from speaking/typing  (mute/gag them if they do until there time to speak)

Take control of the situation and give your verdict.

Warn/punish or return the relevant player(s) after the sit and return the players
Press “close case” - do not press the “X” button, this only closed the case for you (It may vanish sometimes)
always back up your proof by right-clicking on the link and click on "Copy line" and then paste into the chat to prove the player(s) point.

Sometimes you may need to use some commands while not on duty, this is not allowed outside of these cases:

If you are getting RDMed, you can freeze, jail, whatever it takes to stop them from RDMing.

If you are the only admin/mod online you can take the case and ban/kick/warn without going on duty except if there are more than 5 players total online, then you have to be on duty or be able to change your job without any hesitation at all.

If you see someone propblocking you are allowed to ban/kick/warn them.

If you see a fail base while raiding you are allowed to ban/kick/warn them. After you have to raid them again to get their printers/items (if you want to)

if you have to do something to stop a serious rulebreaker like RDM or propblock and there aren't any other admins online or on duty, you are allowed to use commands off duty. But in cases where someone else gets RDMed, you have to change to on duty.

Commands that you may need when on duty:

Category: Fun
  • ulx cloak [] [] - Cloaks target(s). (say: !cloak) (opposite: ulx uncloak)
  • ulx freeze - Freezes target(s). (say: !freeze) (opposite: ulx unfreeze)
  • ulx god [] - Grants god mode to target(s). (say: !god) (opposite: ulx ungod)
  • ulx hp - Sets the hp for target(s). (say: !hp)
  • ulx jail [] - Jails target(s). (say: !jail) (opposite: ulx unjail)
  • ulx jailtp [] - Teleports, then jails target(s). (say: !jailtp)
  • ulx slay - Slays target(s). (say: !slay)
  • ulx strip - Strip weapons from target(s). (say: !strip)
Category: Tools
  • ulx ban [] [{reason}] - Bans target. (say: !ban)
  • ulx banid [] [{reason}] - Bans steamid.
  • ulx kick [{reason}] - Kicks target. (say: !kick)
  • ulx noclip [] - Toggles noclip on target(s). (say: !noclip) 
  • ulx spectate - Spectate target. (say: !spectate)
  • ulx unban - Unbans steamid.
  • ulx who - See information about currently online users.
Category: Chat
  • ulx asay {message} - Send a message to currently connected admins. (say: @)
  • ulx csay {message} - Send a message to everyone in the middle of their screen. (say: @@@)
  • ulx gag - Gag target(s), disables microphone. (say: !gag) (opposite: ulx ungag)
  • ulx gimp - Gimps target(s) so they are unable to chat normally. (say: !gimp) (opposite: ulx ungimp)
  • ulx mute - Mutes target(s) so they are unable to chat. (say: !mute) (opposite: ulx unmute)
  • ulx psay {message} - Send a private message to target. (say: !p)
  • ulx thetime - Shows you the server time. (say: !thetime)
  • ulx tsay {message} - Send a message to everyone in the chat box. (say: @@)
Category: Menus
  • xgui - Opens and/or closes XGUI. (say: !xgui, !menu) (alias: ulx menu)
  • xgui fban - Opens the add ban window, freezes the specified player, and fills out the Name/SteamID automatically. (say: !fban)
  • xgui xban - Opens the add ban window and fills out Name/SteamID automatically if a player was specified. (say: !xban)
Category: Unspecified 
  • unarrest - Under the "DarkRP" tab, double-click on a name to unarrest and gets them out of jail. (say: !unarrest)
  • ulx clear decals - Clears blood and bullet shots. (say: !cleardecals)
  • ulx freeze props - Freezes all props to stop lag. (say !freezeprops
  • ulx recentdcs - Pastes a list of who left the server recently in the console. (Under Extended in !menu)
If you break any rules you will receive a strike for each violation.
If you have 3 strikes you're out (1 if you are T-mod or above admin), meaning you will get demoted and will have to wait one month before you can reapply to show that you understand that breaking the rules is not allowed.
Strikes expire after 2 months unless you get a new one before, then you have to wait another 2 months.

Have fun!
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